Wonderful review

Elizabeth Silver just published a strong, knowing review of Gothic Spring:


A maiden aunt, a new Vicar with a book and secrets, and a curious, precocious young lady.  Gothic Spring will grab you from page one….the setting, the time period, the charming, small town, and the storyline are very alluring.  The storyline was focused on Victorine and her relationship and fascination with the Vicar and a secret she just knows he has and secrets they both will eventually share.

Victorine, the main character, has an air about her that makes her likable for her intelligence and her persistence.  You will dislike her for her insistence, her false innocence, her trouble making, her desire to hurt people, her cunning ways, and her way of risking anything to get what she wants….nothing short of deceit.   Despite her negative traits, I was thoroughly taken by her as was everyone in the small, gossip-laden town of Braxton, and I wanted to see what she would do next to get what she wanted.  She always did get what she wanted while she also ruined lives.

Each character in the book is fascinating and very well developed so that you can perfectly visualize their clothing, their feelings, and their facial expressions.  The characters were profound, and they all had great depth especially Victorine and the Vicar’s wife.  She and Victorine definitely were at odds and both prodded and prodded until they found the information they were looking for even though Victorine always came out the victor with her sly nature and way of turning things around for her benefit.  Every character seemed to have something hidden and churning under their politeness.  

Once I began reading, I didn’t want to stop.  Once you are nearing the end, you will just want more and more.  Ms. Miller is a powerful, eloquent writer.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves an evil heroine, an English setting, and an unforgettable, splendid ending. My rating is a 5/5….oh did I enjoy this book.  🙂


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