September 3, 2010


I was astounded yesterday to discover the spider in my driveway, the one that built a twelve foot span between two hedges, is still at work (Blog 8/17). I had to cut through the web a 4th time in a week. After a couple of days of not finding one, I thought it had become discouraged but, no, apparently it was taking a rest. I checked Google to learn how long spiders live. The answers vary depending upon the species but the range is from 1-3 years. I’m exhausted when I consider the energy the creature will expend if it intends to continue building across the driveway for a full year or maybe three. Of course, I’ll feel guilty each time I go to my car. Worse, what will I do if the webs stop appearing? Do I assume the spider has given up and gone to a new location, or should I conduct a funeral? Maybe that spider is an old girl like me going for a record before it’s too late. I wish I knew.

Life’s full of dilemmas large and small. They’re part of the web of life. A while ago, the woman who edits my novels offered to submit my third book to a Canadian company where she has some connections. They don’t take manuscripts over the transom. For this company, one needs representation or has to know someone.   Apparently, I do.

I thought the offer was lovely, especially as I’d given up my quest for an agent. My dilemma is I’ve already submitted the manuscript to the publisher of “Gothic Spring.” If they don’t want the new novel but are slow to reply, I might lose my opportunity to submit to the Canadian company. What to do? What to do?

I’ve given this problem a fair amount of thought. If age has taught me anything, I’ve learned life is easier if one doesn’t cut corners, work the angles or scheme to have it all. One simply needs to do what is right. My first publisher deserves the time to accept or reject my work without being second guessed. If they pass on it, I hope the Canadian company will consider it. If not, there are other publishers. I’m prepared to wait.

The spider in my garden is a worthy example of the virtues of tenacity and patience. I’d be a fool not to take note. If others of my specie are in the midst of a dilemma, my advice is to take a walk in a garden. Maybe a spider is waiting with a message.