September 14, 2010


Today marks my 100th blog posting to the web community. What I really want to celebrate, however, are my readers, a silent bunch but loyal. Last month, I had 143 visitors to this site and 70% were repeat readers with new people trickling in all the time. I don’t know anything about my visitors except that some of them live in exotic places like Turkey and Brazil and some even arrive from that very foreign location called New York.

How people find my blog from places so far away is mystifying. The web really does strike me as a kind of magic. But then I was born before television. Even white bread mystifies me. Mark, my publicist who is considerably younger than I am, tears his hair out trying to keep me savvy about the electronic world. I was complaining to him yesterday of all the Twitter messages I keep deleting from my junk mail. I know what Twitter is. I really don’t understand why it exists but I didn’t realize Mark had put me on Twitter and that I was supposed to be answering these messages. Would I understand them if I opened one is another question? Don’t people write in code or something? Like, “Born B 4 TV R U kidding?” Okay, to all you Twitter folk who have written and been ignored, please forgive me.  “I B Sorry!”

I must apologize for missed Facebook messages 2. Same ignorance. 

Besides my 100th blog, tonight will be another landmark in my writing career. This evening I will be attending my first book club as a guest writer. The attendees will be discussing “Heart Land” and I hope to introduce them to my second book, “Gothic Spring.”  I’m told about 7 people are in the group, small enough to have a lively conversation. I also understand dinner will be provided. That’s a plus. A second plus is that those present probably won’t be talking in Twitter-speak. 

I admit, it’s a brave new world out there on the web and I’m struggling to catch up. Please be patient with me, my web friends. In the meantime, if you want to send a message, I’m best reached through my blog. C U soon?