October 7, 2010


This morning I started my annual clean up of the basement. It’s a job I do every year and one I devoutly hate. Mostly, I dislike confronting the daddy longlegs spiders that have made a cozy place for themselves near the windows. They are harmless, fragile creatures and I hate to destroy their habitat, much less them. Those I can save, I do, and to those I can’t, I render a profound apology.  

This year, the clearing will go on for several days as I’ve decided to rid myself of my precious art supplies. I don’t have time to devote to myself to silk painting any longer. Someone else can enjoy and treasure the tools I’ve accumulated over the years. But in a way, closing a chapter of one’s life, if not sad, is a nostalgic occasion.

I became nostalgic, too, when I read that Alfred Uhry’s play, “Driving Miss Daisy” is to be revived in New York soon. After the splendid performances of Jessica Tandy (deceased) and Morgan Freeman, who made the roles their own, one wonders who would risk comparison. Apparently, Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones feel up to the challenge. I doubt they can raise the bar higher than the performances of Tandy and Freeman, but I’ve also no doubt they will match them.

-Meadow Sunrise-

At 74, I take comfort in life’s cycles. Another October has arrived. I’ve swept away the cobwebs in preparation for winter’s solstice. An old play revives on Broadway with two venerable actors taking on new roles. My neglected art supplies will bring joy to another artist. And as I turn the last page of my Beatrice Potter mystery, I have an eye on her new one.  Beginnings and endings and beginnings, again. More than the sun also rises.