October 18, 2011


I subscribe to a magazine that gives a weekly summary of events with comments from right and left of the political spectrum. Just as I know a vitamin pill is no substitute for food, a digest magazine is no substitute for in-depth reading. Still it is a quick way to get different perspectives on the news. Below are some assertions I’ve heard over and over again until they have a ring of truth. They are followed by facts provided by those of a different persuasion and which I found interesting. The information comes from “This Week” (9/23/11).

POINT: What’s holding back the country’s economic growth is government over-regulation.

COUNTERPOINT: According to the World Bank, of 183 world economies, the United States ranks 5th in the list of countries with the least regulation (pg. 36).

POINT: Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman, has introduced policies that have ncreased inflation and deepened the recession.

COUNTERPOINT: Consumer price increases during his tenure have been the lowest since 1970 (pg. 40).

POINT: Women are breaking through the glass ceiling in the corporate world.

COUNTERPOINT: Women are losing their jobs faster than men and lead only 3% of the Standard & Poor’s 500 companies (pg. 38).

And for the curious here’s a new fact:

Rita Moreno is topping off 60 years as a star with a memoir/revue and admits she not only had an affair with Marlon Brando, but also Elvis Presley (pg. 28).

                                 YOU GO GIRL!