November 18, 2011

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS—Francine Raften will take you on a witty ride.

Enough about literature and life, today we just talk life! I want to tip my hat to Francine Raften who hosts TELL ME ABOUT IT,” a talk show with a buzz on It’s so good, it should make Barbara Walters, creator of THE VIEW,”begin to worry about the competition. 

(photo: Mark Sanchez)

Francine bubbles her audience through an hour of discussion not only with her panelists and but also with impromptu interviews off the street. The topics are lifted from news items around the world, some of them eye-popping. I recently appeared on one of her shows where we discussed the merits and demerits of having a Porn Queen read to children at a local school; the wisdom and folly of telling all to your sweetheart, and we pondered the question of how to prosecute a barking dog.

My fellow panelists were witty and funny, as well as informed, and represented different generations of experience. Cindy Tortorici is CEO of THE LINK, a networking organization for women; Genevieve Morganstern, newly returned from her honeymoon, is an expert on anything electronic. She works for CROWD COMPASS, a consulting and marketing firm. This program is now available online.

If you need a smile during the day or maybe an outright laugh, “TELL ME ABOUT IT” will do more for your well-being than a vitamin pill. Let Francine Raften take you on a romp through the vagaries of life. You won’t regret it.