May 26, 2010

More Thoughts about writing on another rainy day:

Yesterday, a friend e-mailed me regarding a response she’d gotten from a small press about her first novel.  It wasn’t a rejection but a request from the publisher to make some changes and submit again.  I expected her to be happy; she wasn’t.  She took the proposal as criticism rather than as an opportunity.  I think I talked her round. What she didn’t realize is that established writers are hitting obstacles too.  The publishing world is going through enormous change and the market is uncertain.  To support that view, I offer the link below written by a prominent writer, Vincent Zandri.  He’s reporting a spat between author JA Konrath and the New York establishment.  His piece offers a different view of where publishing might be headed.  Anyone interested in his insights and Konrath’s response to his critics should follow the link.  You’ll come away sadder and wiser but maybe with a little hope too.