March 23, 2012


As today marks the beginning of the third year of this blog, I am faced with a dilemma. In the past, my goals were simply defined:

  • Reflect on the life of a writer, even a small potatoes one like me.
  • Make connections between writing, literature and world events.
  • Address the questions that arise when I struggle to write, or when I read words that bring tears to my eyes because their beauty or their truth touches me.

I do not comment on politics or news for the sake of it being news, but only when the subject resonates with a universal theme of literature. And therein lies my dilemma.


In the March edition of “More” magazine I read a column about blogs which advised that controversy draws readers to a site and that to be considered a successful blogger one needed 10,000 followers (pg. 50).

Every writer wants readers, of course; but I have to question the advice given. Controversy for the sake of attracting readers makes me wonder to what end? My purpose is to share my thoughts with those who love literature and ideas. It’s as simple as that. If I use controversy as a lure, I’m gaming my readers, and putting them down… behaving as if only the lurid will attract them. 

I think better of my fellowman. In any case, I must be true to myself. How else can I ask anyone to trust me?

Having given the matter thought, I’ve reject the notion of controversy as a goal. My comments may sometimes seem controversial, but argument will never be an end in itself. If I have one reader or ten, what matters is our struggle together to find what truth exists in life or to settle upon a reasonable compromise.