June 6, 2011


What makes me feel old is when:

I see an ad for a Drink Milk campaign and I can’t identify the celebrity with the white mustache;

I read Michael Fox has turned 50 and “Back to the Future” is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

I discover hula hoops are making a comeback;

(courtesy: Seattle Dept of Transportation)

My hairdresser admits she’s never heard of Gloria Steinem;

I realize I have lived through 5 Hollywood versions of “Alice in Wonderland”; (ditto a quadrillion remakes of “Jane Eyre, “Hamlet” and “King Lear”);

I read that new math is old;

I learn that vampires are cool again;

I realize any five year-old knows more about computers than I do;

I get up at 6 a.m. without an alarm clock and have no wish to sleep in;

I realize I have read all the mysteries of Agatha Christie;

I have no desire to read the Twilight trilogy;

I discover a tattoo isn’t a drum roll;

I learn rapping doesn’t mean knocking on a door;

I decide to quit making a list to take an afternoon nap!