July 28, 2011


A number of people on my Facebook page have been writing about various kinds of electronic devices. There’s been a discussion about e-readers and the merits of the some of the popular models. There’s been talk, too, of cell phones, smart phones, droids and electronic tablets. I never feel the need for these conveniences until the chatter gets loud enough for me to wonder if I’m falling too far behind the times.

At the mall yesterday, I stopped at a book store to ask about an e-reader. “Which one?” came the reply. Did I want color? Did I want to access books directly from the library, did I want to connect to the web and my e-mails. “I just thought I might like to read a book,” I answered. Next I was asked about my Wi-Fi connection and given an explanation of where I could download my electronic books if I didn’t have Wi-Fi. My eyes glazed at the thought of what I’d have to do to read an e-book from my armchair at home. Then the clerk diverted into cloud computing and my eyes crossed. Weather is all I expect from the sky and I’m happy with that.

(Yahoo Images)

The actor, Charlton Heston, who headed the National Rifle Association for a time used to say the only way to get his gun away from him would be to pry it from his cold, dead hands. Heston and I didn’t share many political views, but when it comes to good old fashioned books, that “prying” thing works for me.