January 24, 2011


Today, as I celebrate the writing of my 200th blog, I want to begin by tipping my hat to the human race. If there’s a need, someone will satisfy it. If there is no need someone will create one. Yesterday, while I was doing research on my computer, I came across any number of websites where a person can turn his blog into a book for a price. I’m intrigued with the concept but unclear about the purpose. Blogs are the children of the electronic media so why would someone convert them to old fashioned print? Is a blog that’s in print really a blog? Whatever the answer to the question, the idea must have appeal because a number of folks are in the business of print publishing blogs. Again, my hat goes off to them and all the other geniuses who sell us things we don’t need like bottled water and artificial flowers.

What’s more, I found other sites that are blogs about blogs and still more whereI  can apply to have my blog posted with a gazillion other blogs so that instead of coming directly to me, the reader takes a circuitous route. I think of these blogs as akin to my sitting in a packed football stadium hoping someone I don’t know and who isn’t looking for me will find me.

Like every blogger, I love having readers. I feel the same way about my books.  But instead of getting my scribblings lost in the world wide web, I’d like to ask those of your who are reading this blog from time to time and find the experience is more pleasurable than eating a plate of broccoli to let a friend know I exist and where I am. I’d like to make your acquaintances and wouldn’t want them to get lost in the virtual world. Send them to:  www.carolinemillerbooks.com