January 22, 2012


On January 22, 1973 an important Supreme Court document was written that became the law of the land. The decision rendered in Roe v. Wade gave a woman control over her body and released her from back alley abortions and a fear of persecution that sometimes led to suicide.

When the decision came down, I felt as if I were taking a breath of air for the first time. I could live in a world where facing death or prosecution or public humiliation wasn’t the outcome for unwanted pregnancy. Women were freed from their reproductive destiny and allowed to dream different dreams. That freedom cannot be lost. I will support no candidate, no law and no moral standard that confines a woman to her biology. To tolerate that regression would be to tolerate discrimination; for it is no more reasonable to impose restrictions on a woman’s liberty because she is a woman than it is to tolerate slavery because someone’s skin is black.

On this day, the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I stand shoulder to shoulder with other celebrants, men and women, who rejoice in the emancipation of the female.  And yes, “Hear me Roar!” Let those who think the time has come to reverse the course of women’s rights know that lions still prowl among them…lions that will never sleep when freedom is at stake.