HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGOS- September 6, 2010

Labor Day marks the beginning of school, the theatre and ballet season and end-of-year inventories. It’s the month I came into the world and it’s the one month I read the horoscopes. I put no faith in them, but I read them anyway.

I’ve seen lots and lots of books written about how to interpret the stars.  I’ve read books on Taro, palm reading and handwriting analysis too.  I got interested in the last subject after a woman declared I was creative because it showed in my signature.  I was flattered, but I don’t put faith in handwriting as a prognosticator of talent any more than I do in the stars.

Nonetheless, in September, I read the horoscopes. This year I hope to discover that Virgos will prosper. If I do, I won’t run off to buy stock in Lehman Brothers, but a forecast of good fortune might nudge the universe. Anyway, it can’t hurt. 

Stephen Hawking in his new book, “The Grand Design,” writes that gravity created the cosmos and a god wasn’t necessary. What’s more, he says there are probably million and millions of universes all balled into one another.  People are wringing their hands over what he’s written.  But I must question how Hawking’s theory changes my daily life?  Should I ignore the blaze of color in the autumn trees?  Or grieve when a newborn baby is laid in the arms of its doting parents?  Am I to be indifferent to the joy of a friend who has licked cancer?

Whether the heavens are benign, hostile or benevolent, I don’t know.  I do know I’ve given myself a mission: Be like a butterfly. Create beauty and do no harm (Blog 8/31/10). I also know I am made of star dust and part of an immense and breathtaking universe(s).  Beyond that, I plan to read good books, see good movies and enjoy my friends. At least, I hope that is in my stars.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Virgos!