February 21, 2012


The sun was out during my walk through the park this morning but the landscape was misty and cold. Rounding a bend along the path, my gaze fell upon a witch hazel shrub that was sporting a few bright yellow blossoms. In the pale light, I wasn’t sure whether they were holdovers from the fall or an early promise of spring.

Whether the blossoms were coming or going, I couldn’t decide but as I walked on, it reminded me of life’s little uncertainties. Sometimes we imagine we are headed in one direction and are surprised when we discover ourselves headed in another. That’s what happened to me and a fellow-blogger I recently met on the web. She’d joined a contest to identify the most outstanding blogger and by the number of votes cast, it looked as though she had a chance to win. Full of hope, she sent out a plea for help and I answered.

I don’t put much store in these contests. They tend to promote the sponsors more than the contestants, but hers was an easy request. How hard is it to click a mouse and vote? What’s more, as I was allowed to vote once a day until the contest ended, I did.

(courtesy: silversolara.blogspot.com)

During that interval, I learned that my new acquaintance had been a teacher for 34 years; that the logo for her site commemorated a memorable trip to Scotland; that she wrote books reviews because she loves to read and share information — just as it should be with a dedicated teacher.  We had something in common.

My blogger friend didn’t win her contest, I’m sorry to say. But she did make the list of honorees. I hope she isn’t too disappointed. 

Like the coming and going of the witch hazel blossoms, success and failure are sometimes indistinguishable. Did my friend lose her contest? Or did she somehow win? She gained recognition, of course, and a new web friend. And if anyone is curious about Elizabeth “who almost won,” her reviews can be found here: http:silversolara.blogsport.com

Maybe this posting will help her find other friends. I hope so. I’d certainly call that a win.