December 17, 2010


A friend of mine who lives in Canada recently admitted she hadn’t recommend either of my books to her book club because the members aren’t book buyers.  They prefer to borrow from the library.

I’ve heard that logic before (Blog: July 13, 2010). When I do, my eyes roll to the back of my head. Where do these book club readers think books come from? Under cabbage patches? Hello! Libraries don’t publish books. Publishers do and to stay in business, they need sales.

And okay, buying a book is a risk. The cover may be enticing but the story could prove to be boring or offensive. Still, all is not lost. A person can always donate the book to the library and get a tax credit or wrap it as a gift for someone who’s annoying.

Most paperbacks run from between $7-$11, about the price of a movie ticket.  Movies are a risk too. But a fan will go to the theater and think nothing of forking over the same amount of money for two hours of entertainment. And don’t get me started about the cost for live theatre or sporting events. 

Okay, I admit, I’m being a bit cranky and unrealistic. Why should people buy books when they can read them for free? What’s more, I’ve been known to check out a hardback from the library if I can’t wait for the paperback edition. But come on folks. If you love reading support the industry now and again. Buy a book. It’s Christmas. Buy a book for a friend. Okay, I’ll be specific… buy mine.