December 16, 2011


There are four pronouns in the English language that contain the most of the parameters of human behavior and potential: I, me; we, us. The first two are probably the single most influential drivers of character. “What’s in it for me” or “How do I fit in,” are potent questions. We needn’t be ashamed. Our survival depends on our ability to think about ourselves. Without the I and me the distinctioninternal and external events would be difficult as well, and competition meaningless.   

The remaining pronouns we and us invite us to think beyond ourselves and are leveling impulses in human behavior. They are the forces at work when we think of love relationships, family and devotion to one’s country.

But there is another pronoun which takes us beyond ourselves and into another realm entirely. It’s the pronoun that allows a person to join the Peace Corps, teach in a crime ridden community, climb smoke filled stairs on 9/11, and throw oneself on a live grenade to save one’s comrades.  

(Yahoo Incorporated)                                                                                                            THEM   

THEM is an especially good word to consider during the holidays, if not all year round.