August 9, 2011


The screenplay for “Thelma & Louise” centers on two women involved with callous men who make their lives miserable. By accident, and partly by choice, they awaken one day to find themselves engaged in a crime spree. As Thelma dashes from a convenience store she’s robbed and climbs into their battered car, she shouts: “It’s crazy, Louise, but I just feel like I have a knack for this shit… Something’s crossed over in me!” Louise seems to understand and laughs as they peel away from the curb. For the first time in their existence, the two women feel in control. 

(photo: Channel 5)

Thelma’s remark puts a finger on something important in our lives – the need to believe we are the masters of our fate. Sadly, there are too many days when I am master of nothing. Talking to a claims adjuster after a car accident can leave me queasy. I discover my browser works for my computer technician but not for me, and I get the same feeling. Worse, I know that on any given day, I can awake to discover unwanted water dripping under my kitchen sink or that a family of mice has moved into the basement. 

I don’t care much for surprises and life is full of them. Surprises make me cranky and want to stay in bed. But that doesn’t work either.  Last night, my bed fell.