August 13, 2010


As I write, I’ve just finished lunch. I eat around 2 p.m. when I don’t meet a friend. It’s usually my main meal of the day. At night I settle for something light, not in terms of calories, I mean light terms of the number of dishes to wash. In the evening, I slow down like an old fashioned, hand wound watch. The less I have to do, the less I stagger around like a zombie.

At lunch, I like to thumb through a magazine. I’ve mentioned this before. I could do something else. The view from my window invites contemplation, for example. When I’m outside, people often stop to tell me I have a lovely garden. I know I do. I’m not being immodest. The praise belongs to my gardener.

Watching birds in the bird bath can be fun. But their schedules don’t always coincide with mine so their appearance can’t be relied upon. 

No, at lunch time, I usually read a magazine. Today, my eyes fell across an article about intuition. Some people laugh at the notion. They relegate intuition to the practice of mumbo-jumbo. But scientists have discovered the phenomenon is real. Intuition is the effect of the unconscious at work as it gathers data the conscious mind tunes out. If scientists are correct, my unconscious mind could predict the hour when birds will arrive for a bath. I guess haven’t tuned in.  

Intuition isn’t always right, of course, but according to the studies, most of the time it is. We go wrong when we confuse intuition with impulse. Impulse is that gut feeling we get about the need for a hot fudge sundae when we’re dieting.

Unlike impulse, intuition works best if there’s plenty of experience behind it. When we form an opinion of someone we meet for the first time, it’s probably based on intuition. We’re reading body language and making a decision based on past experience. Sadly, intuition doesn’t work where love is concerned. Too many other responses are involved. Don’t blame intuition if romance goes sour.  

I believe in intuition. People ask me how I blog every day without going dry. I tell them I know I won’t. I sit down at my computer and an idea comes to me. It did today.

I haven’t seen a bird in the bird bath yet.