April 27, 2012


Why can’t computer and software designers learn to be more human? It’s my business they want, isn’t it? Then why don’t they learn to communicate as humans.and in English, preferably. If I were President if the United States, I’d deal with illegal immigration by passing a law making it a crime to write or speak in computer jargon. Those who refused would be deported so some virtual world.

Younger generations speak computer jargon fluently, of course. But I’ve long suspected their brains have been infiltrated by body snatchers, so they don’t notice what’s happened to them. They actually think I’m the one who isn’t quite right. Too bad for them because I remember when machines behaved like machines.They were simple. They went to work with the flick of a switch – toasters, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and the like. One didn’t need to read jargon to learn how to use them. Try working an iPad or a laptop or even a cell phone without a four inch thick manual designed to scramble the brain.  

I’m not afraid of things alien. I was born in Panama and my mother is Costa Rican. But I’m beginning to feel like a right wing ultra conservative. When it comes to electronic instructions, English should be the national language.