April 18, 2012



“All good things come to those who wait,” is an often quoted proverb though its author is unknown. Like most aphorisms, it comes down to us through the ages, a nostrum meant to help us endure life’s vagaries. Unfortunately, I’m not a patient person but even if I wanted to be, life would make it difficult. I may be retired but most of the time, I feel as if I am running flat out just to stand in place.

(courtesy: reflectionsofhisgrace.com)

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve suffered a mouse invasion, a broken water pipe in my basement, had a large tree limb crash in my front yard, was forced to stand 15 minutes in the pouring rain while a train parked at a crossing where I was walking, learned that my 96-year-old mother had fallen and injured herself and that my 98-year-old stepmother is “actively dying.”  Is there any wonder why I feel as if I’ve been sniffing unventilated gas?

If it weren’t for my Facebook friends, I’d be tempted to think I am cursed. But each day their mishaps help me to understand that I am neither paranoid nor sport for the gods. I’m simply living. Which reminds me of another anonymous old proverb: “Life is just a phase you’re going through…you’ll get over it.”