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From this location you can learn about  her books, her play, view Caroline’s videos and access her blog. She is a woman of many distinctions!

Woman on the Scarlet Beast

Woman on the Scarlet Beast

Caroline's play, Woman on the Scarlet Beast, was recently presented at the Post5 Theatre in Portland, Oregon and reviewed in the Willamette Week.

Woman on the Scarlet Beast, a darkly sarcastic new play by Portlander Caroline Miller, follows the lives and secrets of three generations of women. There’s the sweet but victimizing grandmother, Dulce (Jane Fellows). Her cynical daughter, Ruby (Adrienne Flagg), is a wheelchair-bound former prostitute struggling with her faith in others. And then there’s Ruby’s daughter, Jenny (Olivia Weiss), a headstrong teen recently rejected from a nunnery... Willamette Week - full review here

Miller is a member of PEN. Her prolific short stories thrilled readers in publications as diverse as Children's Digest, Grit and Tales of the Talisman. Her short story, 'Under the Bridge and Beneath the Moon,' was dramatized for radio in Oregon and Washington.

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